Software development.

Our specialty is software, and our focus is on helping our clients learn and adapt quickly.

We concentrate on the right combination of methodology, architecture, technology, and operating model, and our cross-functional teams are skilled in the design, development, and support of software systems.

Our teams have a broad range of experience to draw on – from multi-year engagements to specialist consulting on intractable problems. They combine expertise in scalable, distributed systems, problem solving, and a deep desire to bring the latest in technology and technique to the software process.

We believe software’s ‘natural state’ is live, in front of real users, used for the purpose it is intended. The earlier we can deliver working software the sooner we are creating value. We take influence from Holacracy, Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking, and we build solutions in a series of small increments. Each iteration provides an opportunity for adaptation based on user behaviour and increasing insights.

We are passionate advocates for open-source software, open data, and open ideas.

Our approach.

We believe in constantly questioning the status quo. In finding a better way. We believe developers can be far more productive when given the freedom to lead in the process of crafting solutions.

It is less about what they do and more about what they choose not to do when creating a great software solution.

How we work.

We've been sharing how we build enterprise-size software in this multi-part series on Medium:

Other capabilities.


Sometimes it is important to test an idea before completely committing to turning it into a production-ready application.

As developers who focus on doing 'just enough' to bring an idea to life we have become adept at delivering high-quality functional prototypes to our clients.

These prototypes can be used to assess the merits of an idea, garner user feedback, and demonstrate capability much earlier in the process of bringing software to life. Most often we see the software prototype follow on from lo-fi prototyping and preceding the delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Over the past 15 years we have amassed considerable experience delivering software using Agile processes, and are available to consult on this.
While Continuous Delivery underpins all of our software development services, we also offer in-house development teams the benefit of our hard-won experience.

We work seamlessly alongside development teams to fully automate their build, validation, and deployment pipeline while allowing them to continue to focus on delivering valuable features.

While we typically start with automation of the build and deployment pipeline, we also work on key upstream enablers such as architecture and development methodology.

There is little point in preparing for small frequent releases if a development team have a monolithic application to wrestle with or are labouring under a heavyweight waterfall process.

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