What we believe

Our Belief

We believe developers can be far more productive when given the freedom to lead in the process of crafting solutions. It is less about what they do and more about what they choose not to do when creating a great software solution.Everything we do is oriented towards stimulating creativity and unleashing the extraordinary developer within. Our approach is crafted to produce maximum value by providing the right conditions for innovative ideas to surface – stepping out of the way to allow developers to create outstanding results.

Value Based

We take pride in designing, developing, and deploying great software. But our mission inspires us to be something more than just another software services company. We are at our best when we understand why – understanding the true value of what we are creating.

Open Ideas

We believe in the power of “crowd-sourcing” – be it open source software, open data, or ideas. We are drawn towards ways of working and engaging that are generative, supporting emergent behaviour and ideas.

Small & Often

We believe software’s “natural state” is live, in front of real users, used for the purpose it is intended. The earlier we can deliver working software the sooner we are creating value. Not only do we believe in delivering as soon as possible, we believe in delivering more frequently. We believe in building value incrementally, as we adapt and change based on user feedback.

Build the Right Thing

While “building the thing right” is important, we believe attention should be given to “building the right thing“. Building the wrong thing – not getting user feedback early and often – is the true failure. This means being quick to market – delivering in small increments in order to trial ideas early with real users. It also means seeking and acting on their feedback.

Civic Initiatives

For us, hackathons are one of the tools a software developer has in the quest for innovation. Exciting new ideas are showcased in a rapid, low-cost manner – our favourite way to create software. We've supported hackathons including HackAKL, a transport-themed hackathon which we partnered with Auckland Transport to run.

Propellerhead also actively supports other STEM and IT related initiatives, including Shadow Tech Day and Shadow IT (events allowing female high-school students to 'shadow' a female IT professional for a day in the workplace), MIT Code Camp (a boot camp teaching high-school students coding and computer game development), and JHack (an event bringing together over 100 students from over 20 high schools to complete in a series of programming challenges).

We also donated 54 computers and monitors to the charity OMGTech!, to help with their mission of teaching young New Zealanders how to utilise technology.

Some Of Our Work

We design, deliver and maintain large-scale digital platforms. Our clients include Auckland Transport, New Zealand Rugby, Avid AML, BlinkPay, Starship Children's Hospital, SkyBus, Spark, ESR, Ministry of Education, New Zealand Post, and Auckland Museum.

We’ve Just Launched Avid AML — An Anti-Money Laundering Platform

Avid AML is a new RegTech platform designed to help small-to-medium businesses around the globe satisfy anti-money laundering (AML) compliance regulation.

‍4 min read
Our story on building an accessible, usable site: a technical perspective

With around 1.3 billion people living with access needs around the world, and despite making up a major portion of the global population, access citizens face immense barriers in their day-to-day lives.

Sarv Taherian
6 min read
How Auckland Transport is Supporting Safe Travel With Real-Time Bus & Train Occupancy

Auckland Transport and Propellerhead have introduced real-time occupancy levels into the official Auckland Transport travel planning app AT Mobile.

Elyse Wyatt
7 min read
Auckland Transport's Evolving Web Interface

Auckland Transport's new and improved layout.

Elyse Wyatt
2 min read
Real-Time Public Transport Capacity

Live Occupancy - a new feature for AT Mobile.

Elyse Wyatt
‍3 min read
New Zealand Rugby — Empowering Global Rugby Communities

We’ve worked on a number of meaningful initiatives for NZR, including a community app, the Japanese language version of allblacks.com, and a live-streaming platform.

Elyse Wyatt
3 min read
Digital Invoicing With BlinkPay

We helped Fintech startup BlinkPay with technical expertise and a working Proof of Concept to support their capital raising efforts.

Elyse Wyatt
2 min read
A Digital Refresh for Starship Children's Hospital

We worked with Starship to optimise their site for their three main user groups.

Elyse Wyatt
1 min read
Uncovering Treasures: our work with Auckland Museum

Two years ago, the Auckland War Memorial Museum embarked on a journey with us to....

Elyse Wyatt
5 min read

Our Latest

We've Open Sourced Our Accessibility-First App

Recently, we built a small site for a client where accessibility was a primary focus. We’ve open-sourced our code so you can use it for your own projects.

Elyse Wyatt
Aug 11 :  2 min read
Biochemistry, Hobbits & Veterans for Peace — An Interview with Security Lead Kris Hardy

We’re sharing the stories of people who help make Propellerhead tick. In this edition, we interview our Security Lead, SRE and Senior Developer Kris Hardy.

Elyse Wyatt
Jul 23 :  11 min read
Co-design: Back To the Future

Collaborating with your stakeholders to clarify problems and develop solutions can be the difference between making something valuable and creating more problems.

Sarv Taherian
Jul 8 :  5 min read
Optimisation Algorithms & Mixed Media Artwork — An Interview With Andrew Goldie

We’re sharing the stories of people who help make Propellerhead tick. In this edition, we interview our Technical Strategist and Board Member, Andrew Goldie.

Elyse Wyatt
Jun 29 :  8 min read
Cardboard Box Engineering & Teslas: An Interview With Tammy Chee

I’m interviewing people who help make Propellerhead tick. In this edition, I interview our Revenue Lead & Client Strategist, Tammy Chee.

Elyse Wyatt
Jun 29 :  6 min read
10 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design journey

We’re taught to design for the average person. The average person doesn’t actually exist.

Sarv Taherian
Jun 23 :  9 min read
Remote User Research: What is it, how to do it, and why it might be better than in-person options

In this article we’ll explain what it is, and entice you to continue using remote user research methods even out of lockdown.

Sarv Taherian
Jun 22 :  7 min read
Our Case Study on Building An Accessible Site Is Published By UX Collective ❤️

Recently, we undertook a journey of discovery. Our client, who is working on a portal for accessibility, needed a small initial site. Above all else, the site needed to be accessible.

Elyse Wyatt
Jun 16 :  2 min read
Brain-Computer Interfaces and Ice Age Squirrels: An Interview With Sarv Taherian

I’m interviewing people who help make Propellerhead tick. In this edition, I interview our Accessibility Advisor Sarvnaz Taherian.

Elyse Wyatt
Jun 11 :  5 min read
A Recap of Our Digital Leadership Events

In 2019 we started a Digital Leadership event series, bringing together our clients and friends to hear the stories and challenges of company leaders....

Elyse Wyatt
May 12 :  4 min read
Decolonising Software Design

The time has come to be more nuanced and intentional about how we create our solutions, and the impact they will have....

Sarv Taherian
Apr 28  :  12 min read
Accessing the 25% Who Can't - How To Design For Accessibility

We’re increasingly dependent on the internet and computers for everything we do....

Sarv Taherian
Apr 28  :  6 min read
What Happened at Hack the Crisis 😍

A week ago we were contacted to help with a new initiative they had sprung up in record....

Elyse Wyatt
Apr 21  :  8 min read
User Research in the Age of Agile

Agile has taken the world of software development by storm, and rightly so....

Sarv Taherian
Apr 17  :  3 min read
What it's like to move to New Zealand

So, you want to move to New Zealand? You're not alone....

Elyse Wyatt
Apr 6  :  13 min read
User Research is the secret ingredient to designing market-leading software

We've all been there, whether it's a website or app, and been utterly....

Sarv Taherian
Apr 3  :  5 min read
Excellence in Public Sector at Australasian CX Awards

We were thrilled to celebrate our work with Auckland Transport at last week’s CX Awards in Sydney...

Elyse Wyatt
Oct 22  :  2 min read
Recognising Employee Skills With Our Own Digital Badging System

The idea of a digital badge has been around for a while now, and a quick search on Medium will....

Jonathan Cupples
Nov 15  :  7 min read