Propellerhead device
Propellerhead device

Building the Unbuilt

Future focused technology solutions.

In 2002, we founded Propellerhead with a mission to revolutionise software services in New Zealand. Today, we proudly collaborate with some of the nation's largest organisations, crafting innovative and complex technologies that enhance the lives of millions of New Zealanders every single day.
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Resilience is no longer enough. Antifragile systems thrive under volatile conditions.

Envision software that thrives on volatility, learning and improving from stressors and challenges.

By integrating Web3 technologies with self-learning applications, we can help you flourish in a rapidly changing world.

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Knowing who or what to trust is one of the most significant challenges for our times.

Imagine a future internet where every interaction is authentically verified. Each request's origin and truth can be cryptographically confirmed.

With Decentralised Identity and Verifiable Credentials, we can create 'trustless' ecosystems where every participant, human or machine, can irrefutably prove their claims.

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Protecting against user data breaches is costly and unnecessary.

In the Decentralised Web, users control their own data, eliminating gatekeepers and reducing data breaches.

Self-sovereign identity and peer-to-peer technologies enable safer, privacy-respecting interactions.