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About Us


We are a developer led organisation that likes hard problems that require new thinking and technology responses.  We are focussed on 'good outcomes quickly’ for our clients. We are a lean/agile development house and fully embrace these methodologies for our projects. We thrive on uncertainty and change. We hate waste and unnecessary lines of code.


Sometimes it is important to test an idea before completely committing to turning it into a production-ready application.

Continuous Delivery

While Continuous Delivery underpins all of our software development services, we also offer in-house development teams the benefit of our hard-won experience.

Software Development

Above all else, we are software developers. While we try to avoid writing code whenever possible, our promise is the delivery of working software early and often.

Lean/Agile Blueprints

Over the past 12 years we have amassed considerable experience delivering software using Agile processes.

Our Services


We believe in constantly questioning the status quo, finding a better way. We believe developers can be far more productive when given the freedom to lead in the process of crafting solutions. It is less about what they do and more about what they choose not to do when creating a great software solution.

Engineering is not the art of constructing. It is rather the art of not constructing: or, it is the art of doing well with one dollar what any bungler can do with two.

– Arthur Mellen Wellington

Our Approach