Our Interview Process


Hiring is a bit like speed dating – you have a series of short interviews to base a ‘life changing’ decision on. Of course, under these circumstances it is natural to fall back to chemistry and emotional connection. We simply don’t have the time to get to know someone that well.
At Propellerhead, we use a set of simple assessments to augment the process of getting to know someone. The assessments we have selected provide a better insight into your preferred working style, aptitude, and the conditions under which you best thrive.
The closer the fit for a particular role the more likely it is you will thrive and grow in our environment.

Meeting the Team

You aren’t simply joining a company, you’ll be playing a key role in one of the self-sufficient teams that comprise Propellerhead. In the end, your fit with the team hiring you will have a direct influence on your enjoyment and success within Propellerhead.
An interview with key team members rounds out the interview process and will give you a chance to get to know more about the company from the point of view of fellow practitioners.

Technical Interview

As a software services company we are judged by; 1) our ability to deliver; and 2) the quality of our code. It should come as no surprise that problem solving and coding ability are the 2 things that matter most when we hire a software developer.
The challenges posed during the technical interview allow you to demonstrate your prowess as an experienced developer who knows how to solve problems and has a good grasp of patterns, tools, and techniques required for high quality code.
We realise there’s more than one way to approach a particular problem, we’re actually more interested in hearing your thoughts on why you chose a particular approach, technique, or algorithm. This is your chance to showcase your thinking to other technically-minded people.
We do value clean, simple code – solving the problem isn’t enough by itself. We’re looking for code that is readable, maintainable, and extensible where appropriate. If your solution is clean and correct, and you produced it in a reasonable amount of time we’ll want to talk.
Code alone isn’t sufficient – we are equally interested in your debugging ability, analytical skills, creativity, and an understanding of the infrastructure and processes that underpin production code.